The woman

Hi! I'm a twenty-something Haitian-Filipino who loves makeup, getting all dressed up, writing, and going on little adventures. I currently live in a charming little shoebox of an apartment just outside of San Francisco with my husband, Joe. 

My passions include perfectly applied winged eyeliner, brunch, body positivity, trips to Target, selfies with great lighting, date nights, colorful makeup looks, and eating my weight in sushi.



The blog

I started blogging in college as a diet and weight loss journey diary. I was desperate to lose the weight I had gained in my freshman year and I felt that keeping a public journal would keep me accountable. I obsessed over everything I ate, starved myself, and beat myself down for any 'cheating' I did or pounds I gained. Over time, my blog also evolved into a platform where I expressed my anger, self-doubt, insecurity, and hopes. When I moved to Chicago in 2014, I was determined to create a more positive blog that focused on self-love, self-care, and self-discovery. A year later, Fat Barbie was born and I spent that year focusing on body positivity and daring myself to step out of my comfort zone and rebel against everything about herself that she has been told to change, to hide, or to be ashamed of.  I found that I was so much happier and more confident so I decided to take the next step and create a website under my own name. In June 2017, I shifted over to a self-titled blog that focused on all my little passions: self-love, style, makeup, travel, and food.