A Field Day

"If you think museums are boring, then you're doing it wrong" 

February was a free month at the Field Museum for all Illinois residents. Armed with our state IDs and child-like excitement, my sister and I hopped on train and made our way to the museum. While waiting in line, we were so obviously thrilled that the couple behind us seemed a bit confused and possibly afraid. 

Once inside, we didn't quite know where to begin to look. There was just so much history, so much culture that it was overwhelming. So our first stop (naturally) was at the tourist favorite, SUE, the largest, best-preserved and most complete Tyrannosaurs rex ever found.  After several painfully typical selfies, we proceeded to hop from one exhibit to the next. Our favorites were the Ancient Americas, Evolving Planet, Traveling the Pacific, Pacific Spirits, and the Grainger Hall of Gems. 

If you ever find yourself at The Field Museum, be sure to wear comfortable shoes (I wore heeled booties like an idiot), bring a power bank for your phone (after taking approximately a gazillion photos, mine died), and take time to truly immerse yourself in each exhibit (put the phone away).