This outfit had a whole lot happening at once. The kimono wasn't very flattering especially when paired with the flouncy skirt. The ankle boots did nothing to elongate my legs or give me much needed height. The purple lipstick made my teeth look yellow-ish. It all seemed like a good idea when I was standing in front of my mirror. Despite doing nothing to highlight my waist or curves, I loved it.

Once I was out and about though, I felt like a rainbow tie-dyed cow. People stared and gave me once-overs which prompted me to fidget and readjust. My frustration with my messy hair and mismatched everything grew as they day went by and my sister noticed. Of course, she insisted it wasn't all that bad. Bless her kind soul. 

Later in the afternoon, Julia and I came across a little plaza beside St. James Cathedral and I asked Julia if she would take a few photos of me. Those few photos turned into this rather reluctant outfit post that I decided to post as a challenge. I always look for clothes that are flattering. Black for slimming me down, dark jeans to make my thighs look smaller, larger shirts to hide my breasts, v-necks to make my neck look longer, and longer shorts to cover cellulite. This is me saying "screw flattering".  I'll be the cutest damn rainbow tie-dye cow you ever did see.

Lips: Ayesha by Kat Von D
Eyes: 35B Morphe Palette; Trooper Liner by Kat Von D