Makeup Artists You Should Be Following

The beauty community is evolving. Thanks to the explosion of social media, smaller, less known cosmetics brands are getting some well-deserved attention, makeup campaigns are no longer exclusive to celebrities and models, and makeup artists and enthusiasts are able to create followings and show off their skills. Each makeup artists has their own style, process, and particular niche from complex special effects makeup to dark, Goth styles to simple everyday makeup looks.

I follow a variety of makeup artists from all across the spectrum. They've each brought something new to the table and prompted me to change up my own look, try a new product, or update my routine. You can never follow too many amazing people so here are a few of my favorite MUAs. 



Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar)

Jeffree Star has been around the block when it comes to makeup. He has been using makeup since middle school and has perfected his own unique brand of androgyny and sass. Jeffree is not one to shy away from anything. No matter how luxurious or popular the brand, he will give an honest, unbiased review. In his recent video in which he swatches his brand's new Lip Ammunition lipsticks, he admits that some need more layering to be truly opaque while others may be drying. It's refreshing to get such honesty from a makeup artist when so many seem paid to rave about certain brands.

Jeffree's feisty personality, unapologetic approach to life, skills as a makeup artist, cheeky photo posts, and undying love for Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights, cannabis, his boyfriend, and all things glam make him a must-follow.


Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733)

It's pretty hard not to like Manny. He is goofy, sassy, relatable, and someone I could imagine myself being good friends with. He is also a talented makeup artist who has collaborated with several brands to create beautiful, high quality products. His MakeupGeek palette and liquid lipsticks with Ofra Cosmetics are still highly in demand after several months and have received rave reviews.

Manny is a great follow for someone (like myself) who isn't a fan of purely makeup-centered content. He gets up close and personal about his friendships, his sexuality, his mother, and his little adventures and it makes his followers feel like a family.


Vlada Haggerty (@vladamua)

What first drew me to Vlada's page were her photos of exquisite lip art and macro shots of makeup. She is most known for her drip art lips that capture lipstick 'melting' off her lips. She is also the artist responsible for the iconic rose gold drip lip art that Kylie Lip Kits seemed to copy. Vlada specializes in highly detailed lip art, macro looks, and playful patterns. She has been featured on numerous fashion and makeup sites including Refinery 29. Unlike many makeup artists on Instagram, she doesn't give much of a glimpse into her personal life, keeping her page almost purely professional and curated with high quality shots.

Vlada Haggerty is a great follow for a daily dose of makeup perfection, stunning macro shots, and beautiful models.



Kim Thai (@kkimthai)

Kim Thai is the word adorable in human form. She is petite, curvy, and can work some serious magic with a Morphe brush. Her perky personality, playful snaps, genuine excitement about life, and motivational captions paired with her excellent makeup skills made her an easy 'follow' for me.


Eric Espana (@holytolidoitseric)

I came across Eric Espana on Twitter. I followed some makeup accounts and someone shared a photo of a man with exquisite makeup. So naturally, I had to find out who the makeup artist was. Eric's looks are intricate, beautifully done with clean lines and gradients, and have an effortless feel about them. With nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram and 22,000 on Twitter, Eric's posts have inspired several makeup artists and have made him one of my top dream wedding makeup artists.


James Charles (@jcharlesbeauty)

James Charles makes me feel a bit bad about myself actually. He is a teenager that puts me to absolute shame with his makeup skills. His creative makeup looks and attention to details landed him a deal with Covergirl to be the first ever Coverboy. At 17 years old! If that doesn't merit an immediate follow, I don't know what does.


Bretman Rock (@bretmanrock)

I first discovered the 8th wonder of the world, Bretman Rock, when I came across a short video clip of him on Facebook. The video was hilarious and his makeup was flawless. I was shook and hooked. Bretman's fiery personality, hysterical videos, honesty, ability to laugh at himself, and fondness for wearing over-the-top makeup looks make him endearing and an easy follow.

I dare you to watch some of his videos without cracking up.


Molly Bee (@beautsoup)

Molly Bee is my fairy dream girl. Her pixie-like features, lavender hair, and ethereal makeup are captivating. Though her Youtube channel is dormant with only a single video uploaded, her Instagram account is alive and well. Since joining Instagram in late 2014, she has amassed nearly 300,000 loyal followers (myself included) who eagerly await new posts, closeup of her eye makeup, details about her lip products, and the occasional outfit post. She has recently expanded her skills to include body painting (check out her recent doll legs post) and Instagram Story scale tutorial.

For gorgeous, delicate makeup and an abundance of lilac hair, Molly is a must follow. Also, how cute is her name?



Kimberley Margarita (@kimberleymargarita_)

Kimberley is one of my favorite makeup artists. Her makeup looks are inventive, playful, detailed, meticulously done, and out of this world. She has a knack for creating thematic looks with ethereal, pastel hues, unsettling black/white contact lenses, makeup splattered across her skin like paint, and brightly colored hair. Though not very wearable or practical, her looks are truly art and will keep you coming back to see what she tries next.


Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner)

@kyliecosmetics Dirty Peach

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

I know I'm going to get some raised eyebrows and scowls from true makeup addicts for this one. Kylie Jenner is not a makeup artist but she owns her own makeup brand and is quite a mover and shaker in the makeup industry. Her Instagram account is a curated mix of expertly shot selfies, daily outfit posts, and features of new products from her brand, Kylie Cosmetics.


Who else do you think I should follow?


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