To My Younger Self

You're going to waste a lot of time and tears on the opinions of others on your body, on your sexuality, on your worth. Please know that you are worth so much more than the number on the scale or the size of jeans or the clarity of your skin. 

There's nothing wrong with your skin color or your scars or your acne. You are lovely in the skin you're in but there are going to lots of people who tell you otherwise, who tell you that it makes you less valuable, less beautiful, less worthy of love and respect. They're wrong. 

Don't even think about getting a breast reduction. Believe me, it'll work out in your favor down the line. *wink* Your classmates will give you hell for a few years but it's all jealousy, dear. 

Don't let anyone shame you for buying, using, and enjoying makeup. It isn't deceiving, shallow, frivolous, or useless. Makeup is art. It is a creative outlet. It is self-expression. It is fun, experimental, and confidence-boosting. Watch tutorials, create looks, play with color, try different techniques. Explore your passion, dear. It'll get you far. 

You're going to like many a stupid boy. Some will tell you you're fat and gross. Others will make comments about your body and act like they have every right to do so, like you're only purpose is to be beautiful for them. Others will try to silence you, invalidate your opinions because of their own insecurities. Never try to change your body, hide your intelligence, censor your opinions, or alter your personality for anyone else.  

Start being more selective about your online presence and who you give the privilege of learning your stories and adventures. The number of likes, retweets, shares, faves, and followers you have doesn't make you a better person. Your work ethic, compassion, determination, and ability to empathize with others is what makes you better. 

Shopping is going to be daunting and you're going to shed a surprising number of tears in dressing rooms, pinching your tummy and desperately trying to yank those small jeans over your full thighs. You're not the problem, dear. This stupid society the shoves ridiculous standards down our throats is. Find stores with your size and wear comfortable clothes that fit you properly. 

Keep the lights on. He loves every single part of you including your spots, stripes, and scars. He doesn't care about your weight or your soft stomach and thighs. He loves you because you are a smart, engaging, vibrant, sexy, and quite cute when you want to be. Let him love you. Let him see you in all your goddamn glory. 


This post was inspired by the beautiful post of Callie Thorpe.
Check out the post here