On A Good Day

Youโ€™ve always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.
— Wizard of Oz

These photos were taken on a good day. I followed more body positive accounts on Instagram, put on makeup, took a bunch of photos and selfies, drank enough water, and went for a long walk. I felt beautiful and radiant and powerful. The day before was a bad day. I was unhappy with my makeup, I constantly fidgeted with my clothes, avoided eating, looked up diets, and promptly deleted every selfie. I felt inadequate, discouraged, and ugly

It's a daily struggle but I'm slowly but surely learning to love myself even when I mess up, when I haven't put makeup on or showered, when I talk too much and ramble about silly things, when I forget to work out, when I eat far too many chicken wings, when I gained weight, and especially when I don't feel like loving myself at all.