On Moving To A New City

"Welcome home

That's what my fiance said to me at the San Francisco International Airport as he pulled me into a bear hug. We had been waiting years to finally book my one-way ticket to San Francisco and as we hopped onto the BART and made our way to the apartment, it felt surreal. For the next few days, I kept waiting for the usual sadness I feel when I have to say goodbye but it never came and I've been walking on air ever since. 

I loved Chicago. I lived there for a few years and it left an impression.The skyline, the drastic weather, the cultural richness, the architecture, the museums, the diversity. It's all incredibly beautiful, bursting with such personality. But something clicked when I arrived in San Francisco and it only took a few days of exploring to decide that this was somewhere I could live and thrive. The casual vibe, the views, the people, the sweater weather, how walkable it is. The fact that Joe is here definitely helped. It felt like home

This Christmas was my first Christmas in San Francisco and to my delight, my sister came to visit to keep my company for the holidays. We spent Christmas day by the Golden Gate Bridge and taking in some of the sights of San Francisco. As we stood on the beach, breathing in the cool, crisp air, I thought about everything that has happened this year and how thankful I am. This year was challenging, nerve-wracking, emotional, draining, and absolutely amazing. I've changed so much. I've done so many things that I never would have done before, that I never had the courage to do before. Quitting a job that I didn't particularly enjoy, uprooting myself and moving back home, taking a makeup class, moving to San Francisco, getting a job I truly enjoy. This was the year I decided that I am never going to settle for less than what I deserve. This was the year I took the biggest leaps of my life. I've never been happier.