MAC Professional Kit Review

There are few things that delight me more than diving into new makeup so when my classmates and I received our MAC Professional Kits a few weeks ago, I couldn't wait to open everything up. Each kit included a handful of brushes, two liquid foundations, five powder foundations, and two concealers. 


Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation 

When I first walked into Sephora a few years ago, I was told to use powder foundation for my oily skin. Every since then, I've bounced from one powder foundation to the next, trying to find one that works with my sensitive skin, provides a decent amount of coverage, and wouldn't leave my wallet in shambles. The MAC Studio Fix Powder is still a bit pricey at $28 but I find that it's worth it. The powder applies beautifully with a large, fluffy brush and provides a surprisingly good amount of coverage. My favorite part is that it doesn't feel heavy or leave my face looking caked with powder. 9/10! 


Studio Fix Fluid 

I've heard all kinds of wonderful things about the magic that is MAC's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Beauty bloggers up and down social media rave about its coverage, quality, and gorgeous finish so I couldn't wait to give it a try!

Upon opening, I noticed the smell was a bit chemically but not unbearable, quite like the smell of nail polish. The formula is thick but not too goopy and heavy when applied to the face. It was easy enough to apply with a foundation brush and blend out with a stippling brush. As for coverage, it's amazing! I only had to use a few dollops for full coverage over the entire face. 

I have oily skin and full coverage liquid foundations tend to leave my face looking cakey or incredibly shiny. I am happy to report that this MAC liquid foundation kept my face quite matte for hours! 8.5/10! 


Studio Finish Concealer 

My classmates and I received one NW20 concealer and one NC35 concealer. The shades are skin tone and work for redness and dark spots. I applied the product with a small bullet brush and blended out with a concealer brush. I only need a few dips of my brush to get enough product to conceal all my red spots and acne scars. The pigmentation is wonderful, it applies smoothly, and a little truly goes a long way. I'm pretty sure these tiny containers will last me a long time. 8.5/10!


This is the first time I've tried out MAC products and I'm looking to invest in more of their products.

What are your favorite MAC products?