On Concealing and Contouring

Last Saturday, our makeup class covered concealing, blending, contouring, and transitioning a look from day to night. We were finally given our MAC professional kits and we were eager to put them to use. 

Our first assignment was concealing and creating an airbrushed, natural look for television and on-camera situations. My particular assignment was to create a look suited for a politician gearing up to give a speech. On my model, Joe, I covered any redness and acne scars he had along his jawline, forehead, and cheeks. I also added some very subtle coloring along his jaw and groomed his eyebrows for a more polished look. Last session, we were told that for on-camera looks, foundation should be a shade or two darker because cameras and lights tend to wash subjects out so Joe's foundation was a mix of NC15 and NC45 to give him just a hint more color. 


Our second assignment was to practice a transitional look from day to night. I started with colourwash of a taupe eyeshadow for the natural daytime look with very light concealing on the face and neck. For the evening look, I added a darker brown and grey eyeshadow to the crease to create a more deep-set, dimensional look. We finished it off with full coverage foundation, light blush, strong, dark eyebrows, contour, and eyeliner for some vixen glamour. Lips were the two lipsticks layered: Colourpop in Rooch and Urban Decay in Bang Bang. 


Our homework was to work on someone else and apply the lessons we learned. I was able to do the makeup of my boyfriend's cousin, Sandy. She is 15 years old and my goal was to conceal her pimpled and give her a finished, chic look without aging her. I used MAC foundations, powder, and concealer for her skin then added neutral eye shadow, warm contouring on cheeks and forehead, soft brows, and MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy.