On Smokey Eyes

I've always loved the glamour and sexiness of smokey eyes and dramatic lashes but I've never been able to create a smokey look that didn't look messy. My most recent makeup class covered how to do a classic and colored smokey eye and I was excited to learn new techniques to keep the looks clean and precise. 

Our first challenge was the classic smokey eye using black and grey eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner, and dramatic eyelashes. Because Mandy has closer set eyes, I decided to gently fan out the eyeshadow and add winged liner to make her eyes look bigger but not overwhelmed the rest of her facial features. I added a lighter, shimmery shade around the mobile lid and under the brows to create a bit of a halo around the smokey eye. I had a bit of a challenge with blending out the black shadow, fall out, and her brows but I think the look came together nicely. 

Our second challenge was to use a number of eyeshadow colors, blend them, and let each shade shine. I initially wanted a peacock-inspired look but when my teacher requested that I add yellow to the mix, I decide to create a look resembling butterfly wings that included yellow, pink, purple, blue, and black eyeshadows. I decided against adding thick winged eyeliner so the focus remained on the colors and blending. For the rest of her face, I used all MAC products for foundation, concealer, and powder finish.