Pretty in Peach: Makeup Tutorial



Monochromatic makeup is a huge trend this year with looks that keep the cheeks, eyes, and lips within the same color family. In the Spring, Colourpop debuted its monochromatic collection that focused on the shades: Sand (neutrals and browns), Pink (rose and pinks) , and Nectar (peach, warm nudes, and oranges). 

I was most drawn to the Nectar line. I find that shades of peach look gorgeous on every skin tone and gives skin such a warm, youthful, sun-kissed look. Peach has a perfect blend of orange, red, pink, and yellow which makes it pretty much universal. The key is finding a shade of peach that works for your skin. For fairer skin, lighter, softer shades of peach tend to work best while darker, deeper skin tones work best with darker and deeper peach tones.

Peach works beautifully to brighten skin so it works great as a blush to give a little boost to a simple barely-there makeup look. I personally love doing a full face of peach tones from soft peach eyelids to warm peach cheeks and deep peach lipstick. So I've decided to create a little tutorial about how I put everything together! 






My skincare is always CTMS: cleanse, tone, moisturize, and sunscreen. I'm not a big fan of adding other things like serums, oil, and masks to my routine. I do a charcoal cleanse clay mask every week and occasionally use a relaxing face mask and that's about it. No frills. 

Garnier SkinActive moisturizer is my favorite thing. It's lightweight and doesn't make me feel icky like a lot of lotion-like moisturizers do. Celeteque witch hazel toner works perfectly for my skin. I'm insanely oily and it does a great job of controlling that without making my skin feel tight and burnt. The Biore UV was a gift from a good friend of mine and it's become one of my favorites. The formula is light and doesn't leave a white filmy mask over my face like a lot of sunscreens do. And course, there's Benefit's Porefessional which I have firmly decided I cannot life without. 



  • I try to apply everything with a cotton ball/pad and not my hands. If I used my hands, I sanitize like crazy first. 
  • I also try to avoid dipping my hands into the moisturizer. I use a spatula and palette to decant it first. I know, I sound a bit obnoxious but I am really hands-on and I touch everything so I'm trying not to get all that on my face. 




Concealing is a fairly recent addition to my makeup routine. I used to just pack on the foundation hoping to bury my flaws beneath all the layers. Of course, this never ended very well. So I learned to use the wonderful magic that is concealer! 

I used MAC Cosmetics concealer in NC35. When I first got the concealers, I was a bit surprised by how small they were. I thought I would for sure finish it in month. To my surprise, a little goes a looooooong way and the coverage and pigmentaation is A+. 



  • I apply concealer before I start on my eyes before I like to let it set before putting foundation over it. 
  • I also try to blend it out so it doesn't look so patchy under the foundation. Also, laying it on too thick will make my skin look cakey in the end. 




And now for my favorite part! I always start with a little primer or a tiny bit of concealer to give the eyeshadow a good base especially with my oily eyelids. 

I start with a lighter peach shade from my Morphe 35B palette and apply it all over my mobile lid and blending it outward to soften the brow bone. On the outer corners of eyes, I add a tiny bit of darker peach just to give it a bit of dimension and deepen the color. Alternatively, you can use a bit of loud orange on the outer corners to give it a bit of a bolder and brighter twist. 

Once I'm happy with the application and blending on my eyeshadow I move on to my winged eyeliner. I always start from the wing then work my way inwards. I used a liquid liner pen for easier control and precision. I start by drawing a slanting line from the corner of my eyes towards the tail of my eyebrow and stopping when it hits my crease. Then I draw the top line to create a triangle. The rest is filling in and slowly connecting liner from the wing to a clean line from my inner corner. 



  • If you're a beginner at applying eyeliner, you can try the connect the dots method or use some tape. I've tried it before and it worked out pretty well. Also, make sure that you have a desk or table to rest your arm on to keep it stable. 
  • You can start with a pencil liner to create a guide then go over it with a liquid liner to darken it and really sharpen the wing. 


Finding my perfect foundation shade has taken years of struggle, trial and mostly error, and attending several events looking like a kabuki mask. I was finally matched as Sephora and once I had that, it was easy enough to find other matches. I used which helps you find your shade matches for other brands as long as you know your match for another. So you can know your match at Sephora and find your match as Benefit. 

My current favorite is Maybelline's FitMe collection for a couple of reasons. First, it's a drugstore brand that has my perfect skin tone match. *cue happy tears* Second, the quality and coverage are actually fantastic. It doesn't feel goopy or heavy at all. Their powders are also surprisingly pigmented and feel great. 

I start by dotting liquid foundation around my face with an egg-shaped sponge. I then blend it with the same sponge just to get even coverage. Then I go over everything with a stippling brush to get it looking even the tiniest bit airbrushed. After liquid foundation comes powder foundation just to set it in place. I use a large powder brush to lightly dust it over my face starting from the jawline and moving inwards. It may be looking a bit powdery and chalky but after spritzing some MAC Fix+ or setting spray over it, it all settles nicely. 





Finishing Touches

Applying the finishing touches is another one of my favorite steps in makeup application. It's all the fun little things I can be extra about like dusting on highlighter or delicately holding my brush with pinky up as I apply blush. 

Contour is usually optional for me but for looks like this, it just pulls it together a bit more. I used a Maybelline FitMe foundation is a darker shade (360) and applied it very lightly. 

For blush, I used Tarte's blush in Paaarty and applied it to the apples of my cheeks. I start lightly then layer on more until I reach the color and look I want. 

For highlighter, I loooooove golds. They just look so good on tan skin and make me feel like a goddess. I usually use Colourpop's Candyman but for this look, Becca's Opal just has that extra shine and pop that completes it. I used a fluffy blending brush to layer on the highlighter. I apply it to the cupid's bow, under the brow arches, tip of nose, atop cheek bones, and on the chin.  

For lips, I used Colourpop's Speed Dial and started applying from the outer corners of the lips then filling in the center. 





To the set the look, I lightly go over my face with a large powder brush just to get rid of any excess powder before spraying the hell out of my MAC Fix+ spray. I know that most setting sprays have instruction that recommend 3-4 sprays but that just doesn't work for me and my oily ass skin. 



And done! 


Products Used: 

Maybelline FitMe liquid foundation in 330 Toffee
Maybelline FitMe powder foundation in 330 Toffee
Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue gel
MAC Cosmetics concealer in NC35
Morphe 35B Glam palette
NYX Epic Ink eyeliner
L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise waterproof mascara
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick in Speed Dial
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown
Tarte blush in Paaarty
Becca highlighter in Opal
MAC Cosmetics Fix+ spray

What do you think of the peach look?
Would you like me to do more tutorials?
What look would you like me to try next?