New Makeup: Impressions, Review, & Tutorial

As a makeup enthusiast and budding makeup artist, I love experimenting and playing with new makeup. A few days ago, my friend and I found ourselves at SM Makati’s department store and of course, I almost immediately gravitated towards the makeup section. National lipstick day had turned into national 'discounts on makeup' week and I was all too happy to participate. As we explored, I began picking up items from brands I'd never heard of or tried before. As my basket started filling, I decided to get items I could use together to create a look.

Thank goodness for friends who are patient and also happen to like makeup because I probably circled the area thrice before being satisfied enough to head to the cashier. To my delight, all my items (which included a full eyeshadow and concealer palette) added up to only about $25! 

I bought a concealer palette, a lip tint, bronzing powder, and a 48-shade eyeshadow palette. Here are my first impressions and reviews of each item and the look I put together with all of them! 


All Around Concealer Palette by Catrice Cosmetics (₱379.00)

After my usual skincare routine, I started with the concealer palette. I used a medium-sized concealer brush to apply the concealer around my face. Green to control the redness around my nose and off my blotchy spots, pink for my eyebags, and dark beige for spot correcting. 



The clear casing has a decent weight and doesn't feel horribly cheap and fragile. I actually dropped it several times and it didn't have a single scratch. The design and style of the packaging is minimalist and simple, letting the product speak for itself. I also appreciated the guide provided on the back that indicated what each color is for. 



The first thing I noticed was that the concealer didn't feel too goopy or heavy like some potted concealers. It also applied quite sheer at first which is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you're someone who prefers slowly building coverage. 

My personal makeup routine involves applying concealer before foundation but sometimes, concealers get swept away during the foundation application. When I started dotting my foundation and blending it in, the concealer stayed put and still did a good job and covering those trouble spots. 


Final Thoughts

I am very pleased with the results and if all goes well and I don't have a horrible skin reaction or breakout when the day's over, I'll happily continue using it! 


Go Bronze Bronzing Powder by Nichido (₱150)

At first, I thought this was a setting powder and was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a bronzing powder. I had never tried bronzing powders before and I was excited to see what the result would be against my skin tone. To apply it, I used the provided puff and applied the product little by little. 



The powder came in a simple circular case with a small puff. It's not the prettiest thing. It was plastic and relatively light but I actually prefer this packaging to ELF's setting powder. Besides that, there wasn't anything particularly special or notable about it. 



According to the packaging, the product claims to enhance skin tone, provide sheer bronze radiance, and leave a sun-kissed finish. Sure enough, it did go on very very very sheer. On top of foundation, it gave me a barely there glow with a hint of shimmer. It took several layers and pounding my face with the puff to get a little more shimmer and glow. 

The final result was a rather pretty, subtle, and natural glow. 


Final Thoughts

At first, I was quite annoyed at how sheer it applied. After one pat, I checked to see the result and it was the tiniest hint of shimmer with not much actually bronzing. I would recommended this to those who are fans of natural, glowing-from-the-inside looks as a highlight. As a bronzing powder, it didn't really do much. Then again, I only paid $3 for it, so what was I really expecting?

I'll probably keep using it as a highlight for lazy days and natural makeup looks. 



Color Set #2 by Fashion21 (₱395.00)

According to the company’s website, Fashion21 was conceptualized and introduced to the Philippine market in 1985 by its founder, Mariano Ngo. It is a popular local brand known for its affordable prices and quality product so I jumped at the chance to see if their product would give me pigmentation, blendability, long-lasting quality. 

I was drawn to the gorgeous brown and neutral shades of this palette so I decided to create a warm smokey eye. I used shades no. 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 21, and 42. Since I only wanted to use the products I purchased (besides foundation), I also used this palette to fill in my eyebrows (no. 48), add blush (no. 20, 21, 32, and 33), and little highlight (no. 25). 



The packaging had a nice weight to it and the palette came with a cloth sleeve but the plastic was a bit cheap and the closure of the palette had trouble fully closing unless I pressed down hard. 



Let's be real. I spent roughly $8 for a palette with 48 eyeshadows. I was expecting lots of powder and fall out, barely any pigmentation, and cheap packaging. But when I dipped my brush into the brown shades, I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation. There wasn't much fall out and my brushes had no problem picking up the product. I was also glad to find that it didn't have any funny, chemically smells. 


Final Thoughts

I put on my eyeshadow at 10:00am and it still looks perfect at 4:30pm. For a $8 palette, that's pretty phenomenal! I am a believer. 



Peripera Peri’s Vivid Tint Water by Club Clio (360.00)

Club Clio was a brand that my friend immediately pointed out when we walked into the makeup section. It's a popular Korean brand known for their Kill Black eyeliner and fun lip products. I've been trying to get on the Korean beauty bandwagon so I decided to give Club Clio's lip tints a try. 



Club Clio has some of the most incredibly cute and well-thought out packaging I've seen. I particularly love the packaging of the lip tint. It looks like a small milk carton or juice box and even has 'nutrition facts' on the side. Love it! 



According to the packaging, the product is extracted from fruit and should be long-lasting without any stickiness. Well, they weren't kidding when they said long-lasting. I did a swatch on the day I bought it and it took some serious scrubbing with a baby wipe to remove it. When I applied it on my lips I was quite surprised at how bright and pigmented it was. My other tints tend to go one quite sheer and then I can layer on but this one was ready to make its debut from the first swipe! And I loved the color so much that I wasn't mad at all. 


Final Thoughts

A+. 10/10. Most of my lip tints dry out my lips but this one felt great and after a while, it didn't even feel like I was wearing anything on my lips. I ate a pesto pasta, had a smoothie, repeatedly wiped my lips, and the color never faded. I can't wait to try more products from this brand! 



Final look!

With all the products I bought, I decided to go for a look with flawless, natural skin, warm smokey eyes, and a bright pop of color on the lips. I also used eyeshadows for my eyebrows and blush. I was very happy with the final look and my boyfriend said it's his favorite look on me so far! 


What other local or underrated brands should I try?