Getting Glossier


A few weeks ago, I came across one of Glossier's Instagram posts that featured a billboard in San Francisco. After a quick Google search, I found out they were opening a little pop-up shop in Rhea's Cafe which is only a quick Uber ride from my work. I've been curious about Glossier and their products for quite a while now. With their pretty pastel aesthetic and minimalist approach, it has become the ultimate millennial skin care and makeup brand with a cult-like following. It focuses on skincare first and makeup second with ads featuring flawless models wearing barely-there makeup.

As someone who usually wears a full face of makeup and has ridiculously oily skin, it didn't seem like the brand for me but I wanted to give it a fair shot. So on a gloomy Tuesday, I decided to brave the rain and visit the Glossier pop-up shop. 

When I walked in, I could see how Glossier became so popular on social media. Everything from the well-lit counter and flower arrangements to the small cafe tables and sales associates in baby pink jumpsuits was Instagram-worthy. I couldn't help but whip out my phone and take a few photos of the setup. 

Unfortunately, it was a quick visit and I had to rush out after half an hour. I'm sure I'll be making another trip to Rhea's Cafe to actually try the food and pickup a few more items! After trying their lipstick and blush, I'd love to try to the other shades. I'll have a review of the products posted soon! 


What I Bought: 

Lidstar in Lily ($18) 

Cloud Paint Duo in Beam and Haze ($30)

Generation G Lipstick in Zip ($18) 


2018-03-20 02.13.37 1.jpg

What are your favorite Glossier products?