Striped Down



Get in line

Top: H&M

Jeans: FashionNova Supernatural Jeans

Shoes: Target



Summer is the time for backyard barbecues, golden tans, short shorts, picnics, and an influx of bikini photos. While I love the heat and vibrancy that summer brings, I always struggle to dress for it. In the sweltering heat, of course I want to be in a breezy sleeveless top preferably with no bra and comfy shorts but I also struggle with how conscious I am of my arms, chafing on my thighs, finding shorts that fit well, and finding clothing that isn't just stretchy polyester material that sticks to my skin. I haven't quite reached the confidence level that would allow me to happily waltz out of the house with most of my skin exposed but this outfit is a step in the right direction. 

These Fashion Nova jeans are incredible! They have a good amount of stretch and are such a bright blue color. My only issue was how long they were and how little stretch the waist had. The top is an old purchase I made at H&M that I finally pulled out and decided to wear. It's a breathable material that felt like a regular light t-shirt that was cut into a bandeau top. It doesn't have much support at all for the girls but it was cute, comfortable, and covered them up so I'll take it. The shoes were a recent purchase from Target. They are made with a pale pink velvet material and have a bejeweled buckle that makes me think of Marie Antoinette. 

The next step is to venture outside in shorts. Stay tuned!