Hello, 2019!


It’s a new year once again and with it comes hope, excitement, reflection, and, of course, resolutions. Almost everyone has already done there obligatory yearly recaps or favorite memories on their Instagram stories and now we’ve moved on to listing goals for the new year.

I’ve had more or less the same resolutions every year since I was in college. Lose weight, eat healthier, learn a new skill, read more books, make new friends, save money, and travel. I start the year determined and end the year pressured to quantify my achievements and compare them to those of my peers.

This year, I’ve decided to make promises to myself that I can keep, promises that are for myself and my growth and not the approval of others.

  • Read more books - When I was younger, I used to read books as much as I watch Youtube videos. I could sit in my room for hours with my face buried in a book. As I got older, the magic of books seems to have faded for me and I am determined to find it again. My father gifted me with a Kindle this Christmas and I’ve already started reading Becoming by Michelle Obama.

  • Dress more boldly - Last year, I played things very safe when it came to my style. I gained weight and felt detached from my body so I covered myself up in oversized tops, mom jeans, and fluffy jackets. This year, I want to show more skin, wear more fun hats and bright jewelry, wear more comfortable shoes, and experiment with my style.

  • Travel to a new country/city - 2018 was filled with lots of traveling for Joe and I. We flew to Chicago, Hawaii, Seattle, and Las Vegas on little adventures. In 2019, I already have plans to visit the Philippines then hopefully, Disneyworld and many more!

  • Create and follow a proper skincare routine - My current skincare routine includes just 4 main steps: cleanser (when I’m not lazy), toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. I’ve occasionally added a sheet mask, clay mask, or exfoliating cleanser here and there but it generally stays the same: the bare minimum. This year, I would like to create a skincare routine tailored for my oily skin that can actually address my skin issues.

  • Grow my hair out and keep it healthy - Going blonde was a huge highlight of last year. I had been wanting to go full blonde for years and finally took the plunge. While I love the blonde and how it complements my skin, it has left my hair fried and requires A LOT of work to maintain (monthly touch-ups, toning, treatments, etc.) so I’ve decided to let my roots grow out and get my hair back in fighting form.

  • Practice speaking Spanish - In college, I took several Spanish classes and could read, write, and speak Spanish fairly well. But as they say if you don’t use it, you lose it. I haven’t practiced Spanish in years and I’d love to become more fluent. I’ve already started by order my burritos and tacos in Spanish at the taco truck near work.

  • Pay off my credit cards - I received my first credit card four years ago when I first moved to Chicago. Initially, I was very cautious about using it but eventually, I began to use it and see how useful it was in emergency situations. I now have 3 credit cards and my goals is to pay them off slowly but surely and avoid using them unless absolutely necessary.

  • Drink more water - I’m not entirely sure why but I’ve always struggled to drink the proper amount of water each day. If there is a juice or soda available, I’ll take it over water and I know that needs to change for a number of reasons.

Here’s to being better in 2019!

What are your goals for this year?