ABH x Jackie Aina Palette Review

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Just when I thought I couldnโ€™t like Jackie Aina any more, she collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills to create a gorgeous palette that is curated by a black woman with black women in mind! The palette features 14 anti-ashy shades with some hilarious names that Jackieโ€™s subscribers will immediately recognize like Dwollahs, Zamn, Lituation, and Shookington.

When I first saw the news about the palette, I was excited but cautiously so. Iโ€™ve known Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes to have whole sections that I have to skip due to them being too light and chalky. I was worried that in attempt to make the palette usable across all skin tones, they would add more of those shades. To my delight, there was not a ashy shade in sight! So I decided to grab the palette during the Sephora VIB sale.

What ABH says: Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette is a limited-edition palette created in collaboration with influencer Jackie Aina, featuring Jackieโ€™s must-have eyeshadow and pressed pigment shades for straight-up gorgeous looks. Create everything from neutral matte eyeshadow looks to dazzling metallic makeup looks.

Shades included:

  • Soleil (Metallic soft peach with a gold shift)

  • Supreme (Matte rosy pink)

  • Pinker (Matte mid-tone cool plum)

  • Big wig (Matte rich purple)

  • Dwollahs (Metallic golden olive)

  • Credit (Deep matte plum brown)

  • Lituation (Metallic deep taupe with a violet shift)

  • Zamn (Sparkling rose gold)

  • Wiggalese (Metallic cranberry red)

  • Shookington (Metallic violet with a blue shift)

  • Trust issues (Sparkling white gold)

  • Edges (Matte deep peach)

  • Sponsored (Metallic chocolate with a teal shift)

  • Ginger (Matte caramel brown)


LOOK 1: Safari smokey eye

Shades used: Ginger, Credit, Sponsored

This look was incredibly easy to put together. I started with Ginger in my crease as a transition shade then added Credit to deepen. I blended them both together to get a very soft plummy brown shade then took a shader brush and packed Sponsored onto my lid. To add a bit more impact, I spritzed my brush lightly with Mac Fix+, added more of Sponsored to really get the duochrome teal to shine then added black winged liner and voila!

LOOK 2: purple

Shades used: Big Wig, Shookington, Pinker

This was another simple look that I threw together before work. I very gently blended Pinker into my crease to give a soft transition for the purple I was about to add. Big Wig was just a tad difficult to blend out initially but once I got that done, it was smooth sailing. The star of the show was Shookington, a gorgeous metallic purple that I packed onto my lid with my finger. It was soft and so easy to work with! To finish everything off, I added some small winged liner and mascara. Done!

LOOK 3: red velvet

Shades used: Wiggalese, Supreme, Pinker, Credit, Zamn, Soleil

I wanted to be a bit more playful and go for a Valentineโ€™s Day-ready look! I started by blending Supreme into my crease and building it out to get that soft cotton candy pastel color then added Pinker to the outer corner to deepen. I lightly add some concealer to cut the crease before adding Wiggalese, a gorgeous metallic red, for that pop of color. To add a more sexy, smokey look, I smoked Pinker and Supreme out under my eye. TA-DA!

LOOK 4: gilded

Shades used: Dwollahs, Credit, Ginger, Zamn

Definitely my favorite look of the week and took about 15 minutes! I started with Ginger in the crease then slowly added Credit to deepen the crease and the area closer to the inner corner. After blending those out, I added Dwollahs to the center of my lid to create a soft halo eye. I finished it off with Zamn at a inner corner highlight and topped it all with a little eyeliner and some mascara!

Packaging + design

I absolutely adore the holographic, scaly-textured packaging. The extra-ness of the color shift, the leather-like feel, and the shade names positively screams JACKIE AINA!

Color Story

I love the color story. I always gravitate to palettes that are versatile but still cohesive. This palette is certainly versatile with rosy pink, deep purples, gilded shimmers, rich browns, cranberry red, and duochromes but maintains an overall beautiful earthy theme. With a mix of depth, finishes, and undertones, it is one of the few palettes I own that I feel every shade will get some use.

Blendability + pigmentation

Save for Big Wig which I found a bit difficult to lay down and blend out, I had no problems with the shadows. The neutrals were especially soft and practically blended themselves. Even the metallic shades were easy to diffuse and layer. They also pack a surprising punch of pigmentation. Shades that I thought would need a heavier hand like Ginger, Supreme, and Edges quickly proved me wrong and I had to proceed with a much lighter touch.


This is my first Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. I came close to buying the Modern Renaissance, Subculture, and Norvina palettes but I felt there too many shades that were too light and just wouldnโ€™t get much or any use. I am thankful I waited and got this palette instead. Auntie Jackie clearly had black women in mind when putting together these shades and I absolutely love her for it. Every single color shows up on me, there are no ashy off-white shades, and the transition shades are perfect for darker complexions. If you are a woman of color looking for a new palette that youโ€™ll 100% use and love, YOU NEED THIS.

While I do adore this palette, I also purchased it because of the one and only, Jackie Aina. I have been a loyal subscriber for years and her fierce support of black women, determination to create a space for them within a beauty industry that has often overlooked them, and infectiously sunny personality are inspiring and keep me coming back. We need more influencers and beauty Youtubers like her and I canโ€™t wait to see what she comes out with next!