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50 Things That Make Me Happy

1.       My husband. My favorite person.
2.       My family. They are crazy, loud, and colorful and I absolutely love it.
3.       Cooking! There is something therapeutic and relaxing about stirring sauces, slicing ingredients, and sprinkling seasoning. I especially love making pasta and steak. 
4.       Online shopping. Nothing is quite a satisfying as adding things to your cart and waiting for weeks before clicking the "checkout" button.
5.       Cuddling on chilly nights.
6.       New makeup. An absolute joy. ♥
7.       Sleeping in on the weekends.
8.       Traveling.
9.       Visiting home - the Philippines - for the holidays. There’s just something different about how they celebrate Christmas back home. The lights, the festivities, the food, and the people.
10.   Goofing around with my sister.
11.   Coffee dates with my friends.
12.   Fluffy snow.
13.   Staying at a great hotel and ordering room service.
14.   Christmas. I love everything about it.
15.   Strawberry kiwi shakes.
16.   Sushi and ramen on a Friday night.
17.   Fireworks and light shows.
18.   My friends. One of things I am proudest of in my life are the friends I have made over the years and managed to keep in my life. I have an amazing set of supportive, talented, and hilarious friends who are always up for gigs, food trips, and a cold beer. What more could I ask for?
19.   Marathoning an entire season of a great TV show in a weekend.
20.   Pistachio gelato. A++++
21.   Drinking coconut milk straight from the coconut.
22.   Finding dainty lace lingerie in my size. For a 36D, finding a dainty yet supportive bra would make me tear up.
23.   Breakfast buffets. Well, any buffet really.
24.   The smell of rain.
25.   Sitting in front of the sea, toes buried in the sand and breathing in the salty air.
26.   Bonfires.
27.   Staying up til 3am talking to Joe and drinking Bacardi.
28.   Going out for milk tea with my best friend and sitting out on the steps until the wee hours of the morning.
29.   Long walks.
30.   Dancing around my room in a towel.
31.   My mom and grandmother’s cooking.
32.   Insanely fresh fish for sashimi/sushi.
33.   Seeing my friends happy.
34.   Walking through a garden in full bloom.
35.   Authentic spicy ramen.
36.   Meeting someone you instantly click with.
37.   Taking my heels off after a long night.
38.   Watching my brother dance to Korean pop songs. He's the cutest :3
39.   The perfect song playing on the radio for the perfect moment.
40.   Clothes that fit juuuuuust right. Jeans that fit my thighs but don't leave a gap between my butt and back </3
41.   A wonderful book or graphic novel.
42.   Shoes. All the shoes. Okay, maybe not all the shoes. Not Crocs.
43.   Random, unplanned adventures.
44.   Cute little bobs and bits with no real use besides being cute. (i.e., every trinket from Japan)
45.   Watching movies in the theater and keeping the ticket stubs.
46.   Kinilaw, chicharon, lechon, fried chicken skin, and all the amazing Filipino food.
47.   Movie dates.
48.   Putting on a cold face mask.
49.   Perfect natural light for photos.
50.   Getting the wings of my eyeliner right on the first try!